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What is a UPS Peak Surcharge?


With the holiday season around the corner, the number of parcels moving through our global network will grow exponentially over the coming months. In order to prepare our network so that we continue to deliver exceptional service, UPS will implement temporary Peak Surcharges to parcels that meet specifications for Large Packages and Over Maximum Limit as well as Additional Handling charges.

Effective from November 4th 2019 until January 10th 2020, the Peak Surcharges will be a flat fee per parcel charged in addition to existing rates, surcharges and/or fees.

Countries Special Handling Charges Peak Surcharge
Great Britain

Additional Handling

Large Package

Over Maximum Limits




Large Package Surcharge Specifications

A package is considered a Large Package when its length plus girth [girth = (2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 300cm, but does not exceed the maximum UPS size of 400cm. Large Packages are subject to a minimum billable weight of 40kg in addition to the Large Package Surcharge.

Over Maximum Limits Charge Specifications

Packages with an actual weight of more than 70kg, or that exceed 274cm in length, or exceed a total of 400cm in length and girth combined [girth = (2 x width) + (2 x height)], are not accepted for transportation. If found in the UPS small package system, they are subject to an additional charge. Packages exceeding 400cm in length and girth combined are also subject to the Large Package Surcharge.

Additional Handling Charge Specifications

  • Any article that is encased in an outside shipping container made of metal or wood
  • Any cylindrical item, such as a barrel, drum, pail, or tire, that is not fully encased in a corrugated cardboard shipping container
  • From 6th August 2018, any package with the longest side exceeding 100cm, or a second-longest side exceeding 76cm
  • Any package with an actual weight greater than 70 pounds (32 kg)
  • Each package in a shipment where the average weight per package is greater than 70 pounds (32 kg) and the weight for each package is not specified on the source document or the UPS automated shipping system used.

UPS also reserves the right to assess the Additional Handling Charge for any package that, in UPS's sole discretion, requires special handling. In consideration of the additional handling required on our part, and subsequent potential delays in processing these shipments, UPS does not provide a money-back guarantee for them. UPS does, therefore, not refund the shipping charges if shipments requiring additional handling are not delivered by the time normally scheduled for such shipment.

To learn more about the Peak Surcharge, or to discuss any questions and shipping needs you may have, please contact our customer service team below.

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