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Pricing and Pre-Booking

  1. How do I get a quote?

    Prices are calculated using the weight, dimensions and collection and delivery location of your p... (read more)

  2. Are UPS® able to carry my parcel?

    We do have a list of prohibited items which we cannot carry at all.We also have a list of items w... (read more)

  3. Will there be any parcel protection applied to my order?

    We do have a list of items that we cannot carry at all (prohibited items) and a further list of i... (read more)

  4. What does the price I pay include?

    The price we charge includes the cost of shipping as well as any associated fuel surcharge.We are... (read more)

  5. Will I need to print a label to use this service?

    Unfortunately, you would require the printed labels to use the service with UPS Today.If you do n... (read more)

  6. What happens if my parcel is bigger/heavier than declared?

    We realise that mistakes can happen, however we would ask for your help to ensure we can keep our... (read more)

  7. Why does the website say my parcel is too large for standard services?

    All our services have maximum weights/dimensions. For this reason, the quote will only retur... (read more)

  8. Why can I not get a quote for delivery to my destination country?

    There are certain countries thatwe unfortunately cannot ship to, which are: Afghanistan ... (read more)

  9. What do you mean by volumetric weight?

    Parcel weights are calculated on a volumetric basis based on both weight and dimensions. The... (read more)

  10. What are the size restrictions of the UPS®services?

    Each service has its own restrictions on weights and dimensions. Click “buy this service” from th... (read more)

  11. I do not know the weight and dimensions of my parcel. What should I enter?

    On UK to UK deliveries weights and dimensions are not critical provided that your parcel is no lo... (read more)

  12. Which payment methods can I use with

    At checkout will offer a number of ways in which you can pay. You can use most ... (read more)

  13. Why doesn’t the order process accept my postcode?

    Our order process is made to be as simple and easy as possible however complications can occur wi... (read more)

  14. What is a surcharge and how can prevent being charged?

    A surcharge or underpayment charge is an additional charge issued to a sender when the parcel doe... (read more)